Dear Robert,

I wonder if you realize that you seem "pissed off" in your writing? That is a rarely used theological term for a Christian that has no love for any Christian that may be struggling with error, sin nature, or affliction from a real enemy. Instead, let's just shoot the wounded or mistaken, damn their insubordinate, rebelliousness. Aquila and Priscilla should have kicked Apollos in the mouth, just like you.

I wish you had the ability to have responded to what I wrote you earlier, rather than talking past me.

Robert, maybe I am just a small dog compared to your vast knowledge, but I think that saying the word "church" is "added and not in the original scripture", is a bit thin, don't you? The word is the English translation of the Greek word. It is not an "added" term, but rather a translated term. Yet even if it was added, following your logic, using the word "trinity" is false as well, because we do not find that word in the Bible.

In fact the word Bible is not in the Bible either, is it? Perhaps we should stop using that word, eh? Yeah, I am pounding on you a bit, hoping that you will see that you are clearly not appointed by God to correct the entire Ekklesia.

You are correct to point out there are a lot of false or errant teachers. You are mistaken to not consider yourself one of them. You teach an absolute condemnation of any semablance of organization within Christendom, and the Bible does not give you that right. You are sinning.

Your mixing of the women grinding at the mill with the harlot of Babylon is new to me. Can you give me that interpretation from other Brothers thorughout the ages of the last 2000 years, or do you find it fine to be separated from the saints that came before you?

I am not sure how you got my email address, but if you keep sending your stuff to me, you can expect me to take the time to tell you that bringing the heat is not the same as bringing light. Please forgive me for doing the same.

Unnamed Calvinist

ps. I would recommend that you do a study on logical fallacy, for your writing is full of it.


Ok you feel better now? I am angry at wickedness, is that sin? What is on the internet is simply snippets and sound bites of me, but I am here and it takes a little patience and desire to obey the Lord. You are way to quick to jump, perhaps just as you figure I am? Judge what you are willing to understand, that is what I do, I can see that you don't understand me.

Anything I can do to help you feel better, sure I'll take it!

read "The Theologians Imaginary Church" on the straight talk Ekklesia page, I don't trust in men of the past, I trust in Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.



Dear Robert,

I already read your "Theologians Imaginary Church", but I decided to read it once again. As I said in my last email, I think you would do well to study logical fallacies, because you use a lot of them. Your evidence does not add up to your conclusions.

Yes, I have been accused of this many times and I can assure you that I am not illogical at all, just seems that way because I am trying to say much more than I am actually writing and I don't like long and exhaustive articles, I would rather say something that I know I am right on and let people like yourself challenge me on them, as you have. I don't study the wisdom of man, as in "locigal fallacies", I seek the wisdom that can only come from God, that begins with the fear of God. Now, it is possible to show that God has not been answering my prayers, nor rewarding my search, regardless, my focus is on the things from above , not on the things of this earth.

The last lines says this:I know while I am talking, that you are thinking that I must be talking about all ""Churches"" but yours. I know you see your seminary trained ""Pastor"" or ""Priest"" as the most humble man alive, I know you think your ""Church"" is different. It is possible that your ""Church"" is different in degrees from other ""Churches"". But let me close with one last point, if you do not obey Jesus and live by faith, how can you claim that your ""Church"" is doing works of righteousness? Can anyone be righteous outside of obedience to Christ? I say, close down THE THEOLOGIAN''S IMAGINARY CHURCH! You say; "I know..you think, I know you see...., I know you think....", but unless you are God or an omnisicent being, you do not "know". Where did you get this special power to know someone elses thoughts and viewpoints? Can you sell it to me?

I am not a very good salesman, but I will try. First off, I do believe that there is a certian remnant of people out there that will read my articles and identify with the wisdom, and they will instinctively know that I am not talking about them. If you believe that I am accusing EVERY living soul, no I am not. It is the people who instinctively take offense at what I am saying, it is those people I am talking about. It appears obvious to me, the wisdom that I asscribe to says, people who find the weight of the article objectionable, are getting their toes stepped on, people who see good reason for the article and identify with the wisdom, will be strengthened by it to know that they are not the only persons who understand these things. People have idols in their hearts, things they are loyal to outside of Christ, that is why they are so angry when their toes are stepped on.

"Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God." (1Co 4:5 av)

"But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man''s conscience in the sight of God." (2Co 4:2 av)

The "hidden things of darkness" or the "hidden things of dishonesty" mentioned in these verses are indeed hidden and they must be exposed by those who have the wisdom of God on these matters, I believe that I do. Since your "seminary trained Pastors" have concluded me a fool, an unbeliever, they have kicked me out and slandered me far and wide, I am left here on the outside, with The Straightway Church web site, showing and demonstrating the wisdom that is not of this world, but the wisdom that can come from God alone, I am NOT a Unbeliever, nor am I a fool in Christ, only a fool to this world! I am continually amazed, as I read the words of the educated elites, or perhaps those who aspire to be like them, how shallow and petty their accusations of us are! "I should study logical fallicies?" Maybe I am not smart enough? You know those scriptures, "blessed are the smart", "blessed are the philosophy majors", "blessed are they who have mastered the ways of this world", sounds like the words of the "other christ" to me!

I have been forced out of five different denominations fighting false teachings in the body of Christ, yet I could not disagree more with your conclusions. Why? You tar everyone with the same brush! You cannot know what you claim you know. You have accused every Pastor that has gone to a seminary as being part of a false church. That is worse than "throwing the baby out with the bathwater".

And it is arogant.

There is a big difference between arrogance and boldness, we are not arrogant, we are bold. You know, Calvinist, the arrogance and pride charge is so common and demonstrates such shallowness, I don't know how to respond to it! What, am I supposed to say, "no Calvinist it is you that is arrogant"? Come on Calvinist, were not arrogant, we are bold, we are suffering, we are poor and needy in spirit, we love mercy and we love truth, living Truth! Pastors who go to seminary become spoiled by vain philosophy. 1Cor. clearly designates "Pastor" as a gift of the Holy Spirit, if that is true, than going to seminary to learn "truth" is just another "hidden thing of dishonesty". Jesus said "the doctrine of the Scribes and Pharisees is hypocrisy" he also said "I know you, that you do not have the love of God"; Jesus constantly warned about the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees; they were the accepted seminary educated pastors of the Jewish people, the Apostles in the book of Acts were perceived to be unlearned men. It is no different today, the seminary trained pastors and those accepted by them, are the Scribes and Pharisees of Christianity and their doctrine is also hypocrisy and I know them that they do not have the love of God in them! I know these things by the Spirit of God, not by a personal knowledge of each and everyone of them, so go ahead accuse me of broad brushing, if I am wrong about any of them, and they happen to not be in the broad category that I am "broad brushing"; at least they will be able to see through the apparent "broad brushing" and understand the importance of the overall message, which brings glory to Christ rather than men! It must be noted also that even those Jesus constantly "broad brushed" the Scribes, Lawyers, Saducees and Pharisees; among them there was a considerable group of them who eventually repented and turned to Christ. Do I teach that all seminary train Pastors go to hell? NO! What I am doing here, is sending out a wake up call to proclaiming Christianity, I report the things that the Lord has shown me by his Spirit, regarding the condition Christianity is in, and the looming judgment, that is long overdue at their doorsteps! And don't try to tell me "Robert, but you are not Jesus", I have heard that come back adnauseum (oops, did I just talk past you? No disrespect intended at all, that's for who ever else may ever see this exchange and think to respond that way. I find people utterly predictable!). The scriptures tell us to do the works and greater than that which we see our Master Jesus do, we are to pick up our cross and follow him.

You have taken a study of entymology in regards to a word, and formed a new doctrine in regards to something as simple as the evolution of the word, (church) and then taken that as some form of ammunition to attack people you have never met, do not even know exist, and then call them servants of Lucifer. And you do not even blush. How can you judge another man's servant, Robert?

I have not formed a new doctrine, I am correcting that which was formed by the men of so called "historical Christianity" who changed a word that simply ment "the called out ones", into a false doctrine that makes "Ekklesia" into a building, that has an owner, who has the keys, who can let in who they wish and kick out who they wish, without answer! Calvinist, that is HUGH, how can you dismiss that as petty!? I do not need to meet "everyone" in order to know by the Spirit of God, backed up by living Truth, having my sense of right and wrong, with my finger on the pulse of Christianity and exercising God's wisdom on the issue. My "We Rebuke the Blind " page is simply a forum in which we can rebuke others, just to say what we have been trying to say for a long time regarding the condition of proclaiming Christianity. We have only personally spoken with one of the ministers on that list, which I might add is not a seminary trained pastor, and we have no reason to believe that any of these people will even read our rebuke, much less respond to them! Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees the children of the Devil, why can't we? What I would blush about, is if any of these religious leaders would put what I am saying to the test as scriptures require them to do! And Calvinist, I can judge another man's servant just as you are judging me, another man's servant. Come on Calvinist! The people that I rebuke is stategic on my part rather than personal, if you don't see the irony of trained Pastors calling each other illegitimate, exposing each other, don't know what to say, there is a message that needs to be told, no one listens to me, so maybe I can use this kind of a forum to demonstrate it.

If you want to have a discussion, I will ask you to have the courtesy to respond to what I have say, rather than talk past me as you do. I noticed you did the same with Bob DeWay. It is just plain rude and discourteous.

Robert, you just do not get to sharpen your own iron.

Why is it Calvinist, you seem to believe that you get to make the rules for exchange and determine what is rude and what is not rude? Care to know where I am coming from, or do you just want to write me off as rude and discourteous? Maybe Calvinist, I have just had so many people unwilling to spend the time to hear me out, that I have started talking past people, because I already know what the arguments are going to be, and I am trying to make my point before they write me off and loose patience with me? Perhaps, maybe I have talked past you already and taken some of your arguments away? This is not intentional on my part and I don't see my self as being rude or discourteous, I just want to get to the bottom line so any honest person can see that I am right. I get bored going over the same arguments and I just would like to know if you can say anything that pricks my conscience one bit as to why I might want to reconsider my conclusions. Bob Dewaay is such a good example of what I am talking about, ruined by vain philosophy, the guy couldn't stand up to me if that was the last thing he had to do! You think I was being rude, sure wasn't my intention. If you wanted to sharpen my iron, you would do it, so far it sure appears that you have been trying to blunt it!

Perhaps you could explain to me if you have a certain system of theology which you believe is the proper way to interpret the Bible. Do you have a Statement of Faith that describes your beliefs? Is there anyone of note that you could tell me that you admire as a good example of a servant pastor that will hear the Lord tell him, "Well done good and faithful servant."? Would you approve of Augustine, Anthanasius, Tyndale, Wycliffe, Owen, Huss, Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Edwards, Machan, or anyone you could mention? Has there ever been a pastor in an organized denomination that have errected buildings to worship in that you could tell me you approve of?

Please show me in scripture where a "system of Theology" is called for - "The Word of God is a Person " . You may be surprised to find out that I believe all of the people you mentioned above have been used by God to one extent or another, and by the way Lucifer should also be added to that list. However, you are not going to get me to take a position on their salvation, other than Lucifier of course, God is their judge. But I sure am going to point out the negative effects that some of them have had on christianity, the one promeniently in my mind right now is Calvin, "The Tyrant of Geneva"!

When you trash pastors in public, have you first contacted them in an attempt to follow Matt 18?

Matt 18 is for brothers who walk togther in the Lord, you are misusing Matt 18. The scripture that applies tells us to rebuke before all those who sin, those who have a public teaching, have a greater responsibility, "to whom much is given, much is required". Although Matt 18 does not apply, I did attempt that with Steve Lumbley and he won't talk to me. Again my rebuke of these people are not personal, they are instructional and speak to the overall message I believe the Lord has put on my heart. I won't be rebuking just anyone who is in error, unless the rebuke lends it's self to the overall message I am trying to deliver.

Maybe it would help me if you could explain to me how the "church" is supposed to be in a manner that you accept as Biblical. To my understanding Robert, the church has always been very messy. It is filled with sinful people. Every single book of the New Testament is teaching the church, - responding to sin in those that God has called out as His own. Each book addresses error and/or false teaching IN THE CHURCH.

"The Church" is a mess and I know by the Spirit of God why and how. I believe God is calling his people to repentance, but you cannot repent over what you don't understand, I am trying to bring understanding to the issue. The Ekklesia must return to a breaking bread together, New Testament FAMILY, rather than a man - flesh dominated institution, God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound those who are wise in it, institutions with elected leaders are not foolishness to the world, they are exactly like the world! I cannot answer your questions completely, I would have to write a book, I have already spent hours putting this response together, quite frankly I have to go to work. I am slow but deliberate in the things that I answer and I am very careful, but not perfect.

Where would you have the people go to be taught the Word? Where would you have them worship? Is it sin for them to do so in a building purchased with donations? Is it a sin for someone that is called to be an overseer to attend a seminary for teachings and instructions? Is every seminary evil?

Can't get into that right now, I am out of steam and out of time, maybe some other time.

Robert, Jesus tells me I will know men by their fruit. The way you repsond will tell me which master you serve.

Just one last point. So far you are rebuking me and whether you know it or not, putting us in hell, over what? Let me list them: Logical Fallacies; I claim to KNOW something that you say is impossible to know; I tar everyone with the same brush; I talk past people, which you believe is rude and discourteous; I am arrogant, you say; did I miss anything? Just seems awfully petty reasons to put us in hell!

In Him,

Unnamed Calvinist

I hope so!


Robert Begnaud



Why do you call Calvin the Tyrant of Geneva?

You wrote; So far you are rebuking me and whether you know it or not, putting us in hell, over what? ........ Just seems awfully petty reasons to put us in hell!

Who is "us", I was only writing to Robert Begnaud, and what do you mean that what I wrote was "putting us in hell"? How do you define "hell", and how does one get put there?

In the Lord,

Unnamed Calvinist

ps I will respond more to you tomorrow, no time available now.


Because that is the title Calvin, the lawyer, politician, genius, was given by some when he had an opponent burned at the stake. I am the head of my family and there are a good many people who are affected by what I teach, even outside of this family, that is who us is. If I am misguided, then so are they. The scriptures report that those who are lead by the Spirit of God, the same are the Sons of God. If we are misguided, then we are hell bound, unless the Lord has mercy on us and leads us to his truth.




If you were wrong, would you want to know? And if you were shown to be wrong, would you repent? And if you repented, how would it be demonstrated, how would it look?

In Christ,




As I have previously stated, we are honest, simple people who love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we, unlike the people we rebuke, are accountable to the reality of truth. Jesus is our master and we will follow him where ever he leads us. However, I can tell you, the only people that will succeed at rebuking us are those who can, rather than lording it over us, can show us in simple terms, why we are wrong, in fact they need the wisdom of God. At any point in time that we see worldly tactics, hypocrisy, trickery, misrepresentations of truth that we don't have to be "Doctors of Theology" to refute, if we see partialness in judgment, like giving big shots a pass and holding us to a higher standard, then we become all alone again and more determined than ever to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of public opinion or popularity! We do understand that there can be honest disagreement, however, we are not easily fooled by those who claim honesty, when we can see that they clearly are not. We make every judgment slowly in the fear of God, about others as well as ourselves. Repentance for us is confession and turning from our sins. We are always willing to repent in a company of saints who also are walking for the glory of our Lord and also looking and open to their own need of repentance as the reality of the need for it becomes clear. Anyone who attempts to get us to repent for the simple reason to publically discredit us, shut us up, force us into obscurity, will utterly fail in their pursuit! We repent in the company of saints, that also themselves walk in the same repentance and accountability to Christ.

What else can I say, I don't know.


Robert Begnaud


Dear Robert,

Good, I am glad that you are willing to listen to me. And as far as I am concerned, our discussions are between us. If anything is released publically, it will by your hand, not mine. If you do a search on my name, you will not find me in debated arguments on the internet. I do not believe in them.

I have spent a bit of time researching who you are, and what people are saying about you. I do not want to tear you down, I want to minister to a need that I am seeing.

I think you are seriously wrong about some key and crucial things, but bringing it to your attention is meant to edify you, not harm you. I am certain I come off too heavy handed at times, and for that I apologise.

Let's start with one glaring sin, which is calling John Calvin the "Tyrant of Geneva" for burning someone at the stake.

You wrote; "Because that is the title Calvin, the lawyer, politician, genius, was given by some when he had an opponent burned at the stake."

Your sin is slander, gossip, bearing false witness.

All the original transcripts can be found online in regards to the burning to death of Servetus in Geneva, and Calvin's role. Here is a short article to make it easier to understand what really happened so that you can be freed from repeating lies:

Calvin vs. Servetus,
by J. Steven Wilkins

In the year 1553 an event occurred which would forever blacken the reputation of Calvin in the eyes of an ungodly world. In that year a heretic named Michael Servetus entered Geneva after fleeing from France after being condemned for his heresy there and escaping from prison in Vienna. He was seen in the streets of Geneva and arrested on August 13. This trouble he had brought upon himself by his book which denied the existence of the Trinity as well as the practice of infant baptism. Though the former is clearly a more serious error than the latter, the latter position identified Servetus with the hated Anabaptists who had spread the revolutionary ideas of socialism and communism. Why Servetus came to Geneva is not clear though the Reformer Wolfgang Musculus wrote that he apparently thought that Geneva might be favorable to him since there was so much opposition to Calvin.

On August 21, the authorities in Geneva wrote to Vienna asking further information on Servetus. The authorities in Vienna immediately demanded his extradition to face charges there. At this the Genevan city council offered Servetus a choice: he could either be returned to Vienna or stay in Geneva and face the charges against him. Servetus, significantly, chose to remain in Geneva.

The trial began and as it progressed, it became evident that the authorities had two choices: banish Servetus or execute him. They sent to their sister cities Berne, Zurich, Schaffhausen and Basle for their counsel. The counsel from each city was the same: execute the heretic. The method of burning alive was chosen. Calvin intervened to appeal for the more quick and merciful beheading as the method of execution but the council refused and on October 26, 1553, Michael Servetus was executed.

It is strange that this incident should bring such odium upon Calvin and another example of the hatred of orthodox Christianity that it has. The facts are that mass executions were carried out in other places throughout this time. After the Peasants' War in Germany, after the siege of Munster, during the ruthless period of Roman Catholic dominance in Elizabethan England. Even as late as 1612 the authorities in England burned two men who held views like those of Servetus at the behest of the bishops of London and Lichfield. Thirty-nine people were burned at the stake for heresy between May of 1547 and March of 1550. The 16th century was not a time of great tolerance of heresy in any place in Europe.

If one contends that Calvin was in error in agreeing with the execution of heretics then why is there not equal indignation against all the other leaders who supported and carried out and supported these measures elsewhere. None less than the honored Thomas Aquinas explicitly supported the burning of heretics saying, "If the heretic still remains pertinacious the church, despairing of his conversion, provides for the salvation of others by separating him from the church by the sentence of excommunication and then leaves him to the secular judge to be exterminated from the world by death." (Summa Theologiae, IIaIIae q. 11 a. 3)

Furthermore, Servetus was the only individual put to death for heresy in Geneva during Calvin's lifetime. Strange indignation it is that men focus upon this one and virtually ignore the hundreds executed in other parts of the world.

Further still, it must be remembered that Calvin's role in this entire matter was only that of expert witness at the trial. The idea that Calvin was "the dictator of Geneva" is utterly unfounded in fact. Calvin was never allowed to become a citizen of Geneva. He was technically among the habitants ---- resident legal aliens who had no right to vote, no right to carry weapons, and no right to hold public office. A habitant might be a pastor or teacher if there was no Genevan citizen who was qualified for the position. This is why Calvin was allowed to be pastor of the church there. But he was always denied access to the decision-making machinery.

The only place where Calvin could have exerted significant influence was in the Consistory. But the Consistory was completely bypassed in this entire matter by the council apparently in an effort to demonstrate that they were far more concerned for holiness and purity than Calvin (and some of the people) had thought. They sought thus to shut Calvin out of this matter as much as possible.

Why then all the outrage at Calvin? Simply because of who he was and what he taught. The world can live with Romanism and Arminianism, it cannot abide the truth of the Reformed faith. For this reason Calvin and Calvinism have been the enemies of the world and will be till the world ends.

Copyright 1998, J. Steven Wilkins Released for informational purposes to allow individual
file transfer, Usenet, and non-commercial mail-list posting
only. All other copyright privileges reserved.

The Word tells us this;

NKJ Deuteronomy 5:16 " You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

NKJ Exodus 23:1 "You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

NKJ Proverbs 12:17 He who speaks truth declares righteousness, But a false witness, deceit.

NAS Proverbs 20:19 He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip.

And in regards to following procedures of due diligence the Word tells us this;

NAS 1 Thessalonians 5:21 But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; 22abstain from every form of evil.

So Robert, I think that it is clear that the Word of God instructs us not to lie, gossip, nor to circulate a false report, and to examine the matter carefully.

You are slandering John Calvin, repeating a false report, being a gossip, and making yourself a liar against the truth of the man's life.

More than likely, Robert, you are simply a victim of bad information created by people who dispise the truth. You probably just got caught up in a lie, believed it and repeated it without even realizing that Calvin is a brother in Christ. Few people worked as hard to recover the truth of the Gospel that was being stolen from the people. If you ever take the time to read Calvin, you will find him easy to read, very humble and gracious in his manner of explaining the Word.

Now in case you still want to condemn Calvin for the role he actually had in the death of Servetus, remember that in the time of Calvin, the civil penalty for teaching heresy and refusing to recant it was death. Servetus had already been condemned to die and escaped a prision to flee to Geneva. Here is what the Word tells us in this context;

NKJ Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.

Sernetus knew his crime, he had been warned in the past, he knew what would happen if he continued, but he stiffened his neck and continued his crime.

Robert, I hope this makes it clear to you that it is very, very wrong to speak ill of someone else when you do not have the whole truth, and it is especially evil when it is against someone that worked so hard to bring an understanding of the Word to the common people in a time when they had been deprived of the Word in so many ways, and for so long a time.

Calvin's work was so that the common people could have another tool that would aide them in the understanding of the Word, as the written Word was suddenly be made available. Calvin simply took the time to take what people would get in a Sunday sermon, and presented it in a complete comprehensive form so that a life time of Sunday sermon's were available to aide the common man's serach for understanding what God has given us in the Scripture.

This is not to say that the role of the Holy Spirit to teach is quenched or ignored, but rather because the Holy Spirit was at work in Calvin, blessing him so that he could be a blessing to those that follow through his treatment of the Word as a comprehensive whole, living and active.

You see Robert, just like your stated desire that the unlearned be held in the same regard as the lettered theologian, Calvin wanted the common people free from the false teachings of the priests, as so he wrote as best he could the doctrines of the faith so that the people would be able to have access that they had been deprived for so long.

What say you, Robert? What witness does the Spirit within you bear to what I am saying?

In Christ,




It was not I that called Calvin, nor came up with the accusation, the he was the "Tyrannt of Geneva". He has been called that for years by others; based on your report, that may be unfair, however, I have yet to hear you explain or give evidence that Calvin was against the state taking up the matters of "The Church" and inforcing these matters "ie, killing the Anabaptists". If John Calvin was not outspoken against the matter, then he is guilty! John Calvin was a genius who had attended law school to become a lawyer, his father was from a root of Catholic Priest, he had influence! Before the reformation came to full force the Catholic Church themselves had appointed John Calvin to various task for their bennifit. If John Calvin did not speak against murder for one's religious beliefs, then he is culpable in them! In my article, "The Word of God is a Person" I criticise Calvin for "ONE DOCTRINE" and I clearly show that it is of an Anti-Christ Spirit, and that is his doctrine on preaching according to the wisdom of this world, rather than a preaching that is foolishness to this world, as the scriptures teach. Come on Calvinist, is that what you are going to put forward, that I have a different opinion than you on a guy that has been dead for hundreds of years? I may be misinformed, I doubt it, but a gossiper, a slanderer, an accuser, of a guy I have never met? Sorry Calvinist, that is just wicked! I don't intentionaly slander anyone, if I am mistaken, then my information is bad, but I sure am not mistaken on the objection I have to Calvin style preaching! I don't disagree with everything Calvin taught, or even most of what he taught. But hundereds of years later, the Lord has spoken to me, and I am going to go with the things that the Lord has shown me, that I know I can back, by Holy Writ! I don't claim perfection Calvinist, I claim honesty and a love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I speak to the best of my knowledge what I know to be true and you want to play gotchyu on minor points!?

By the way Calvinist, God's people were given into the hand of the King of Babylon, God said that they were to go there, have children, plant vineyards and obey the King of Babylon, which is reported in scripture to be the servant of God and the Devil, all at the same time! All of God's people have served the King of Babylon, by the decree of God, yet in Revelations the time comes that God says to his people, "come out of her my people, that you not have to partake in the plagues that I am sending on her". You cannot take that away from me Calvinist, you may not like it, but change is here! You can keep on defending the status quo and standing on the "Church Fathers", or you can yourself "come out of her"! Your choice!

Very desperate attempt at rebuking me Greg! A hundreds of years old guy, you blame me for slandering! The doctrine of Baptizing babies is the heretical doctrine, killing people who don't get the mystery of the "trinity", is a wicked crime! Murderers! Why do you people think that Jesus is like you?

Babylon is fallen and has become the cage of every foul spirit and unclean bird!

It's coming Calvinist, mark my words! And you don't understand why I am angry?

Robert Begnaud



In my last email to you, I decided to just focus on one simple thing to see how you would respond, before I committed myself to further effort.

Unfortunately, you are not even fazed by repeating lies and deceptions, your justification is because the man is hundreds of years old and he should have demanded that the law of the land be abandoned.

Regardless of any sin Calvin commited in his life, you still repeated lies about him, and have refused to admit it is sin, but rather justified your lies by rationalizing your behavior. I suspect that you would refute the Doctrines of Grace and Covenant Theology as well.

You claim special revelation by the Holy Spirit, yet that spirit sure failed to open your eyes to a simple truth about a famous man's life, and that "spirit" sure failed to compel you to honor the Scriptures that related to your sin.

Robert, further discussion with you is not what the Word teaches me.

KJV Proverbs 26:1 As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool. 2 As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. 3 A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool's back. 4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. 5Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

Unfortunately, because of the beligerance you display, and really, an utter contempt for truth, I am compelled to follow this verse;

NAS Titus 3:10 Reject a factious man after a first and second warning, 11 knowing that such a man is perverted and is sinning, being self-condemned.

Robert, I pray that the Lord of all Light, in Christ Jesus through His Holy Spirit will release you from your bondage to sin and rebellion, and bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Please remove me from your email list.

In Christ,

Unnamed Calvinist